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REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE launches webinars for training providers and employers




REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE is inviting you to take part in one of our two webinars that will explain how you, as a training provider or employer can benefit from our blended learning approach.  The REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE training programme includes self-study e-learning, booklets for students and a package of resources for trainers wanting to develop training courses including specifications for practical training and standardised assessments leading to Certification of technicians.

  • 13 February 2019 – 2pm UK time - hosted by Marco Buoni from ATF this webinar will focus on flammable refrigerant training. Register here .


  • 25 March 2019 – 2pm UK time – hosted by Walter Reulens of UCL training school this webinar will focus on carbon dioxide training. Register here .


If you can’t attend these events please register anyway as they will be recorded and you will be automatically sent a link after the event.


REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE is recruiting new training providers to deliver our multilingual training and certification programme. The  elearning is now available in 15 languages and training programmes are being rolled-out through Europe during the next 18 months.  If you would like to become a licenced training provider or a national lead who can promote this package in their country please contact us here




About the project...


Industry groups are joining together to help provide information on the safe use of alternatives such as ammonia, hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide and low flammables though the REAL Alternatives learning programme.    Resources developed as part of the project offer innovative blended learning - a mix of e-learning, face-to-face training materials, practical exercises, assessments and an e-library of learning resources.


The free multi-lingual learning materials are available for individual development or use as classroom training materials. They include e-learning content, electronic tools, a comprehensive library gathered from existing resources.  The e-library contains over 100 useful industry resources.

The project is co-funded by the EU LIFE Programme for environmental initiatives.

View our website to download learning materials at 











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